TunesFlow reached 100,000 downloads

TunesFlow reached 100,000 downloads world wide.

There’s not much to say about this, but I wanted to mark this day when I had a live app on the App Store that hit this milestone.

My other Apps

I was curious about the total of apps downloaded on my account as independent developer (as today 203k  apps), and it hasn’t been so bad:

  • TunesFlow : 100,000 downloads
  • PicBrowser Lite: 78.9K downloads
  • PicBrowser: 12.3K downloads
  • WaveWars Lite: 10.6K downloads

Free apps are the thing! , it seems.

There’s another number that is interesting regarding TunesFlow: Redownloads, and TunesFlow has had 24.4k Redownloads and 98.4K free downloads and 1.6K downloads as paid app (from $1 dll to $5dlls). Updates: lately , each time I update TunesFlow I have like 20K updates within the first week approximately.


I have a long way to do here, since I’ve invested like 50 dlls or less in advertisement for TunesFlow. I remember that I made a campaign in Twitter & Facebook in 2014 (budget less than 50 dlls), I used some promocodes in LinkedIn and I tried for less than 20 dlls in 2016 in Facebook, so advertisement has been minimal.

There’s a very long TODO for this app.

Thank you by the way!



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