I was born in Veracruz, Veracruz, México in 1975, but since I was child I have always lived in Mexico City.

My first contact with computers was when I was 8 years old, when I took an introductory course about computing. The course used Apple Computers and had some introduction to programming in Basic.

Some years after this course, I was interested once again in computers, thanks to my first videogame console, a wonderful Atari 2600. I remember that I was seeing a guy playing for about 3 hours. I was amazed about this new kind of interaction. I was so surprised that my mind exploded with these simple sprites and effects creating a whole word around the game. Awesome!

I grew up, and I decided to study Computer Engineering in UNAM. Studying this major was fun, exhausting, frustrating, interesting… It was my life for some time, and it would be later since I met my wife in this major.

Time passed by and I worked for some companies being a programmer and later a Software Engineer. Some of the companies where I was lucky enough to work were: Telmex,  Banco Santander, IMSS, Banco IXE, Banamex,  Intercall.

However making systems wasn’t enough for me. There was something missing in my professional life. After 10+ years of programming I needed something else… Then I saw a keynote when the iFund was presented. The phrase that changed my life was: “This is truly a personal computer” referring to the new iPhone presented by Apple. That was it. I knew at that moment that a new revolution was born at my time and I didn’t want to miss the chance of become a part of it, even with a grain of sand.

I already had my iMac and my iPod touch (1st gen) but I wanted the whole package. I wanted to develop apps for this platform. Fortunately Apple decided to open third party development to Mexico and I applied, sending my contract and everything that was needed to become part of “this family”.

But what about the app?

In 2008 I programmed PicBrowser which aimed to showcase images in a cover flow UI. These images were retrieved from Google’s Image Search page at the very beginning (wrote a parser for the HTML page generated by an URL request) and later on from Flickr, PhotBucket, NASA JSC, etc. The App had a few downloads and it was until early 2009 that after creating the “Lite” version I managed to earn some bucks from it. The year 2009 was interesting since WaveWars (my first video game) was on the store, I also programmed Bobolinkies for an Spanish company and then I met Xeis Studio where the Mariachi Giro adventure started.

Later on this new opportunity area took me to San Francisco, California and even Miami, Florida. I was fortunate enough to be in 1 Infinite Loop and even buy some goodies on their Company Store before they made the changes in 2015 or so.