One more failure on the path to success.

Thoughts about how I was jumping from one foot to the other one while monetizing TunesFlow.


Job Interviews with the Big Ones

This post refers to my job interviews with Apple and Facebook (on site interviews). I'm not going to disclose anything about the questions or methods (that are very well documented in "Cracking the Code Interview" for instance) since the intention of this post is to think about the emotional consequences of being rejected.

TunesFlow 1.2

TunesFlow 1.2 has been submitted to the App Store and it has some new features with some requests from users around the globe. I thought that we could use a "Now Playing" screen to add the volume control and be able to see the album art without clipping it. Also it was requested buttons instead [...]

Guides Eq Featured

TunesFlow 1.1.2 and the App Review Team @ Apple

This post is special since it's fair to thank a team that helped me a lot to make this version possible: the App Review Team from Apple. Let me start to say that as I said earlier I detected a couple of bugs after I submitted the binary for version 1.1.1 so I rejected the [...]

TunesFlow 1.1.1 Equalizer Library

48 kHz – TunesFlow 1.1.1 submitted to the App Store (again today 06/16/2014)

TunesFlow 1.1.1 has been submitted to the App Store and it has some bug fixes related to some glitches that I perceived in some animations. It took me some time to figure out what was the problem, but I got it. Also within this version 48 kHz sample rate is enabled by default. You can [...]