Mariachi Giro®

Mariachi Giro® was a development made for Humberto Cuevas and Xeis Studio which began in July 2009.

At the very beginning we start with absolute nothing but the idea of Humberto Cuevas which founded all the project and hired me for the development.

After some tries with some designers I started to make some tests with my own designs of characters and stages. In parallel I was coding the engine and facing a lot of troubles to get the performance not only for 3d rendering with OpenGL but also with the sound.

Mariachi Giro® is a complex game since the beginning we tried to have four independent channels decoded and managed individually. I tried different Apple technologies, including AudioQueues, nevertheless was the Remote Audio Unit and 3d Mixer which could achieve the performance required (even in iPod touch 1st generation). I always remark this since we saw games alike that only featured two different channels and we wanted a high quality sound and this feature, much alike RockBand Unplugged.

Also and since the beginning I wanted that the engine could have a decent framerate at least in iPod Touch 2nd Gen, since we’re going to have at least five characters in scene, notes movements, music decoding (software only), special effects, the hud and indicators (just as any game). Since the beginning I designed a multilayered scene, since it was the obvious path for doing this, but in later stages of development increased its complexity.

As a sole developer and designer of this game I have to say that WaveWars was the first stone to this engine, and later during the last months of 2009 iTenoch (a in dev project) were the hints to fullfill this engine.

Nevertheless this experience have been fun (and exhausting some times) and very satisfying since the moment that apple featured Mariachi Giro® as New and Noteworthy in musical games.