Phunware Inc.

At the time I learned about Simplikate  I was recovering (physically and mentally) from the late 2013 “incident” and I was investing a lot of my time around TunesFlow. Now, my very first application to work for Simplikate failed and I insisted a little bit. If you ask me, I don’t know why I did that.

It was near October 2014 when I heard back from them, but they were not Simplikate anymore, they were Phunware. The position I applied was located in Mexico,City, so it was ok for me. The very first App I was assigned to maintain was Jade Valet, a private distribution App for some business in Miami. But here comes the surprise about this opportunity, within 2 weeks I was required to travel to Miami, FL. 😱

Unknown-1Now, at the very beginning I was going to stay for a few days, but a big project was on the run. After arriving there I was assigned to maintain Verizon Concierge App. I was kind of shocked for the fast pace of events, and you won’t believe this, I was trying to focus myself not only in working as required by the company, but also in getting an iPhone 6 since it was going to be cheaper in the US than in Mexico. I saw that as a great opportunity and the media was telling me (in some way, in a superstitious form) that I was about to get it.

I know that it was only a material thing, but I was also recovering for the whole thing about the “near death experience” (and the freaking pain…), at least mentally.  I got it (now my daughter has it 😜).

For Phunware we developed very interesting stuff since they had bought a lot of companies and technologies that presented a full fledged platform for easy app creation (that was the core of Simplikate after all). Verizon Concierge was just one of many apps that had my hands on.

In Phunware I wasn’t writing Apps from scratch, but the leader for the iOS Platform, a product that consisted in a series of frameworks/procedures to enable Phunware Sales Engineers to deliver apps to companies in a faster way. You could think about this product as dynamic templates, but the idea was developed beyond that. It was truly a platform tha me and my team were developing.

My perspective: quite interesting job that I was able to get! Instead of creating apps from scratch we were in charge to create a framework that would solve must of the needs of our clients and we only need to tackle some customizations asked by them. What’s the interesting part? Since it was a framework and apps were going to be built based on that then we had to minimize the number of bugs using cycles of QA.  Some of the tech developed integrated within this framework was:

  • Indoor Location (Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, Apple WiFi) and directions, with a Phunware Framework integrated in the main solution.
  • Embedded advertising with the originally TapIt Platform evolved to native advertising (implemented within this framework).
  • Push Notifications with their solution (MaaS) including segmentation.
  • Analytics Integration out of the box (again using MaaS).
  • Customized Mapping with a Phunware’s framework.
  • Dynamic Native UI (this was the corner stone from the overall platform)
  • Geo Advertising using geofences by integrating a Phunware Framework.
  • Deep Linking to arbitrary content pages developed for this platform
  • Directories/Catalogs with Master Detail out of the box and correlated also with indoor locations.

Some of the apps that were using Phunware’s solution:

I decided that I needed to come back to Mexico and in November 2015 I left Phunware in good terms.