CCH Campus Azcapotzalco – Interactive Maps

iTunesArtwork.pngIt’s great to remember you High School times and trying, somehow, to bring them back. But sometimes, when you try to live again those moments you could also try to improve your experience taking advantage of the knowledge you’ve been accumulating. That’s the origin of this App, wearing again the shoes of a newcomer to the school (and such a big school) and having not idea where to go. A very tiny and simple App, but with great potential if I get the right information.

One of the things that made me proud about this App is the embracement of Adaptivity. This App, being universal supports multitasking on the iPad (see below) and achieves another status in versatility in the iOS platform.

Simulator Screen Shot 09.08.2016 2.06.34 p.m..png

Also, I tried to put attention to some details such as zoom levels to show/hide points of interest in the campus and I think I achieved a pretty good solution (added the touch of spring animations on it).

Search was alsScreen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.57.56 p.m..pngo implemented in this App, allowing to find some places or offices that are not displayed in it to avoid cluttering to much the points of interest. As I mentioned, this is the very first approach and I hope that I could improve the overall solution with enough time.

A pretty simple interface:

  • Search bar
  • Trash icon – to remove pins
  • Center map – on the area of interest (the campus)
  • Locate me – button, to show your location.

That’s it, simple enough but at the time I was studying there I would loved having this kind of tool.