Mexican Monuments (Sticker Pack)

Now available on the App Store!
captura-de-pantalla-2016-09-28-a-las-16-29-31I couldn’t resist the temptation, and I had to upload some stickers to the iMessage App Store. The subject of these stickers is quite obvious: my country, and since I like a lot buildings and monuments I started making the stickers.

I have to recognize my obsession for some details (you can tell if you see Palacio de Bellas Artes sticker), but #YOLO,  and I have to do it some day. Hopefully I will be able to add more beautiful places as time goes by.



Version 1.0 Stickers


These are the stickers within this pack:


  • Independence Angel – Ángel de la Independencia
  • Revolution’s Monument – Monumento a la Revolución
  • “The Castle” @ Chichen Itzá – “El Castillo”
  • Hemicycle to Benito Juárez – Hemiciclo a Benito Juárez
  • Mayan Portal – El Portal Maya
  • Commerce Lighthouse – El Faro del Comercio
  • Homeland’s Monument  – Monumento a la Patria
  • Noas’ Christ – El Cristo de Noas
  • Pyramid of the Niches – Piramide de los Nichos
  • Bellas Artes Palace – Palacio de Bellas Artes
  • Little Horse – “El Caballito”



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