PicBrowser was initially designed as a way to browse the Web in a new “graphical” and “stylish” way.However, evolution of the platform would give PicBrowser a broader view of its use. Featuring since 2008 a coverflow® layout, users could easily flick between pictures in their iOS® device. I thought a way in which the simplified interface could be easier and more intuitive. The initial interface was composed mainly by a Search Bar and two buttons will enable the user to access search engines and download thumbs to their device so they could select an image to view, download or navigate to the link from which the image came from.
PicBrowser original interface This interface was simple, but as always it could be simplified with some effort. I thought then that the simplest interface would be the one which has no controls on it, but with a lot of options; and PicBrowser 2.0 was born, with no visible controls but with support to gestures so the user could focus on a task on a time without cluttering the user interface. The original options in PicBrowser were rather reduced and we had a lot of space to improve in that sense. Adding not only more stable services to search for images and videos but also more functionality which will empower users to handle their data in a stylish way.