Hi! If you need help about the app use the contact form belowYou don’t need to clarify if you paid something for getting support (there’s no 24×7 support, I usually answer within a couple of days).
If you do use the contact form, please try to use a valid email so I can follow up.


  • There’s no 24×7 support. Usually I try to answer within a couple of days. 
  • I’m not going to suport iPhone X for the time being. 
  • I’m testing with iOS 11 GM and it’s working ok.
  • Latest version is 2.0.20
  • Paid App again:  I tried to use the “Free with Tip” monetization for a few days. The App had another 29k+ downloads but less than 0.02 % paid something or review the app on the App Store. I thank those guys for being kind and conscious enough to take some action to support the app (5 guys paid a tip, 5 guys left a review). During this short period of time (Aug 26th -Sep 1st 2017) I had 34,738 updates and I constantly see 18k updates with each version.  The app has been downloaded more than 129k+ times.
  • Refunds:  I’m putting this link again. I’m not affiliated with iMore nor I have tried, but as I stated before, it seems legit : How to get a refund for iTunes or App Store purchases. 

Equalizer HOWTO

You can only equalize songs local to your device (without the cloud icon).

  1. Select a preset or move a control point
  2. Select a scope (either Global,Song,List/Album,Genre or Custom association)
  3. (Optional) Fine tune your sound!

TunesFlow Equalizer HOWTO

The equalizer adjustments are recorded automatically depending on the scope you choose, so whenever you hear the song/album/list/genre again it will set automatically the adjustments you made.😉

That’s the purpose of having a scope, since not every song sounds the same.

You can rename the adjustment by tapping on the title, share it (that’s the purpose of the inbox) or even tweet it.

TunesFlow for Apple Watch®


 It does feature cover flow on the Apple Watch®.

Tutorial how to setup a music page in TunesFlow for Apple Watch®:

Right here there’s a tiny clip showcasing the app:


New in version 2.0.17!

Now you can rate your songs with the Apple Watch®!:

New in version 2.0.16!

Since I started development for Apple Watch® I imagined the continuity adoption, and here it is in its early stages (version 2.0.16 pending approval):

And also:

TunesFlow Resources



TunesFlow 1.x Resources

You can find information on previous versions of TunesFlow 1.x here.


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