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Hi! If you need help about the app the email is or use the contact form below.
If you do use the contact form, please try to use a valid email so I can follow up.


  • TunesFlow is sold on the App Store as is. I do my best to fix issues that may affect your experience on a case by case basis (that’s the purpose of having massive downloads). The price you may pay on the App Store entitles you to use my software on the devices allowed by the iTunes License Agreement.
  • I do give support and I’m happy to learn and have feedback about my work even though I’ve been on the software industry for more than 16 years.  I firmly believe that I can always learn from my mistakes.
  • TunesFlow accepts feature suggestions, and I most clarify that I read all suggestions and reviews regardless of the language, the country or the feature. Some features are easier to implement than others and sometimes I weight the work against the profit some feature may have.
  • TunesFlow is a live idea and I may stumble and fall sometimes.  If you are interested in purchasing the App and you’re not sure there’re a bunch of videos in youtube, instagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook and every social network where I’m registered.
REFUNDS: I’m not sure about the policies on the App Store, but I found a link with a procedure to request one here : How to get a refund for iTunes or App Store purchases. I haven’t tried it but it seems legit.

TunesFlow for Apple Watch®

Finally I made up my mind and decided to implement TunesFlow for Apple Watch®. It does feature cover flow on the Apple Watch® (approved by Apple today May 9th, 2017).

NOTICE: In version 2.0.15 some issues were discovered. Version 2.0.16 was approved (May 18th, 2017) to solve them. Among the fixes we have improvement in performance for the cover flow screen and playback commands.
Tutorial how to setup a music page in TunesFlow for Apple Watch®:

Right here there’s a tiny clip showcasing the app:


New in version 2.0.17!

Now you can rate your songs with the Apple Watch®!:

New in version 2.0.16!

Since I started development for Apple Watch® I imagined the continuity adoption, and here it is in its early stages (version 2.0.16 pending approval):

And also:

TunesFlow Resources


TunesFlow 1.x Resources

You can find information on previous versions of TunesFlow 1.x here.

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    1. Que tal mel879!
      Me gustaría poder solucionar el problema que tenga la App para el dispositivo que mencionas. Podrías detallarme un poco más?

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