WaveWars is a game developed for the iOS® platform in 2008. Written entirely in Objective C was my first game and it has had a lot of bumps in the way.


…the dreczy bombardier has wiped out your fleet…is heading to your home planet…

You’re an elite pilot from a distant planet which is under the attack of the Kroczi forces. Their fleet has an ultimate ship: the dreczy bombardier.

The original game starts when you are in pursuit of this ship through the space. Enemy forces will defend the bombardier from any attack and you are all by yourself! So you have to survive wave after wave of enemies and destroy the main ship before destroys the main core of your planet and extinguishes any hope for your race.

General Game Description

The game was conceived to use some old game concepts. You have a ship that will face several waves of enemies with pre-established patterns and algorithms to destroy you. Since it was my first game with OpenGL® there’s a lot of room for improvement.

WaveWars Screenshot. Defending your home planet

The controls are very simple, you tilt your iOS® device to “roll” your ship from one side to the other of the screen in an circular trajectory. Touch in the right half of the screen to trigger your main weapon; touch in the left half of the screen to shoot an expansive bomb.

Weapons are upgraded when you see a green object on the screen and it’s destroyed, so you have to be sure to catch up these objects. Also you’ll get bonuses by destroying entire waves of enemies as you progress in the game.

Future of WaveWars

Since this was my first game,  I expect to improve it until it reaches my expectations.