Zombie Serenade

They are undead and funny!

: It’s available on the App Store.

Mariachi vs ZombieSome time ago, in a town far, far away I got this idea about making something about Mariachis and Zombies. I never abandoned that idea and later it took some kind of form when I started to do some drawings about it. At that time I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a full video game about it, but at least I tried to consolidate a character. Later on, I took again my drawings and decided to do some sticker pack with some animations to test the characters.
Mariachi Playing GuitarThe Day of the dead is coming (meaning the mexican celebration) and since zombies are not going anywhere I thought it was a good chance to continue with this project. I downloaded the latest version of blender and started animating the characters. I wanted this project to be just in time for the holiday and I hope it will (at the time of writing this, I don’t know for sure) but at least I had some fun playing around with these guys. Hopefully you’ll have some fun with these stickers too.

Catrina Sending Love



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